Yrjänä Rankka the Musician

I mostly play Contrabass - a.k.a. Upright Bass - a.k.a. Double Bass, Electric Upright, 6-string fretted and 5-string fretless basses. I can also play keyboards, (electric) guitar, and the occasional violin.

I've studied both classical and Jazz, played with bands from H/C punk/grindcore to metal to pop to wallpaper lounge jazz.

I currently play with NO|me, Grandpa Death Experience, plus a number of more-or-less sporadic apparitions.

Yrjänä Rankka the Software Developer

I can code using C/C++, (Common) Lisp, Perl, Python, Java, Javascript, SQL, SPARQL, Virtuoso/PL, C#, XSLT, various assembly languages, on platforms including Linux/Unix/POSIX, Mac OS X, Android.

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